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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's NJ Serra (UK) Limited involved in?
  2. What Materials does NJ Serra deal in?
  3. Who does it provide its services too?
  4. What happened to NJ Stones?

1. NJ Serra is engaged with the the natural stone trade. It represents a number of stones producers and manufacturers mainly from Europe and Asia. We build and strengthen contacts between the buyer and the seller.

2. NJ Serra deals in Granite, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone and Slate or any other Natural Stone available around the world.

3. We carry over 15 years of experience of stone trade right from quarrying to finish products and help our clients select the best stone for their projects. We mainly deal with importers of Natural Stones and Stone fixing contractors and provide them with complete information according to their requirement on best competitive rates. We also provide a complete know how regarding stones to architects for any of their projects.

4. NJ Serra is a joint venture of NJ Stones and Serramarmi Snc of Italy. NJ Stones still exists as a UK limited company. Our new web site combines the best of both and represents this new joint venture.